Topsy was poisoned, strangled, and electrocuted to death by a Coney Island Carnival
Félicette was the only cat to be sent to space and return alive.
Cher Ami was shot down, losing an eye and a leg, but still delivered the message that saved a US Army Division.
Looty was stolen from the Summer Palace in Beijing and given to Queen Victoria.
Miss Baker was one of two monkeys to first survive a US space expedition.
The Stephens Island Wren was rendered extinct by the lighthouse keeper's cat, Tibbles.
Unsinkable Sam survived the sinking of all three ships on which he served during the Second World War.
Laika was a street dog who became the first animal to orbit earth on Sputnik II. Papers called him "Muttnik."
Owney was the mascot of the US Postal Service who freely rode the trains and once circled the globe.
Sergeant Stubby was a decorated and field promoted service dog. He once captured a German Soldier by grabbing him by the pants.
Samson was one of Grizzly Adams' favorite bears and may be the model for the California state seal.
Mrs. Chippy accompanied Shackleton's Arctic Expedition. She was shot along with several dogs to conserve supplies when the ship ran aground.
Togo was the lead dog on the serum run that is remembered by the Iditarod.
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